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May 10, 2021

The Bay’s National Story Month Story…as told by you!

To celebrate National Story Month, we challenged you on our social media channels to create your very own story.

Starting with “It was a nice sunny day in Stonehaven…”, all that was left to do was finish the sentence.

Are you sitting comfortably? Here’s what you came up with…

It was a nice sunny day in Stonehaven…

When I arrived back in my hometown I couldn’t wait for my favourite fish supper at The Bay. (Dave Gauld)

At The Bay, Calum was eagerly anticipating the flood of customers. (Linda Bruce)

After finishing my delicious chippy supper, I went next door for a big sweetie covered ice cream. (Carol McIntosh)

Outside, all the wee dogs were running in and out of the sea, little boats were bobbing about on the horizon and everyone was talking and laughing. How lucky are we to live by the sea! (Lesley Duff)

The End

Thank you to everyone who joined in to create The Bay’s very own story – it was a fantastic group effort.

Your story sounds like the perfect day to us!

Make sure to keep your eyes peeled on our social media platforms so you don’t miss any opportunities to join in with the fun. You can find us on Facebook and Instagram.

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