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June 14, 2021

Let’s talk sustainability at The Bay


Here at The Bay, we take sustainability in the hospitality industry seriously.

We’ve always been passionate about lowering our carbon footprint, reducing waste (both food and non-food waste) and working with sustainable suppliers.

Here are just some of the steps we take to ensure that we are always continuing to move forward and evolve…

Making our shop more eco-friendly

Our shop is painted with environmentally friendly paint and we also use the Enjo chemical-free cleaning system to make the shop aqua friendly.

In terms of reducing energy usage, we’ve made the decision to have no neon signs in the shop and we cook with a Kiremko high efficiency frying range.

Using sustainable food suppliers

Local and sustainable fish are at the heart of everything we do at The Bay and our fish is caught in the North Sea from fully sustainable stocks.

By serving MSC fish and following MSC guidelines we’re doing what we can to spread our message – that sustainably sourced fish is the only way forward.

But we’re also aware that it’s not enough to just be sourcing from a sustainable supplier. We believe it’s important to also be aware of the full circle of stock.

How does it travel to the shop? How are we cooking it? And how are we disposing of any waste afterwards?

All of these decisions have an impact on the planet and by looking into alternative, greener options, we can all really make a difference.

Cutting down our food waste

Although we’ve always recycled both our food and non-food waste, our team is always on the lookout for other ways to cut down waste – such as using onion leftovers in meals for staff, creating unusual dishes or treating pet guinea pigs.

Why is sustainability so important to The Bay?

Our top reasons for prioritising sustainability are:

1 – Knowing we’re doing our bit to help protect the planet.

2 – Supporting responsible, sustainable suppliers.

3 – To get peace of mind about the traceability of our ingredients.

4 – To ensure future generations can meet their own needs.

5 – To ensure we serve only the highest quality ingredients to our customers.


We hope this has highlighted a few key choices we’ve consciously made to be more environmentally friendly at The Bay Fish. To find out more about the importance of responsible fishing and choosing sustainable food, the MSC website has lots of useful resources and information.

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