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Why I believe food sustainability is important

Posted by Calum Richardson in Calum, Recipes, Travel

September 29, 2020

I don’t believe in just buying any produce to use at The Bay Fish and Chips.

For me, it’s all about considering the full circle – sustainable food that’s not just good for you but good for others too. It’s got to be fair for the people who harvest it and fair for future generations as well.


Making a difference: Choosing sustainable food

If we don’t take action today to choose responsible fisheries and sustainable suppliers, it won’t be too long until some of our favourite food will no longer be available to enjoy.

So, wherever possible, I buy fairtrade produce and work with MSC certified suppliers. Local and sustainable fish is at the heart of everything we do at The Bay and our fish is caught in the North Sea from fully sustainable stocks.

By serving MSC fish and following MSC guidelines we’re doing what we can to spread our message – that sustainably sourced fish is the only way forward.


Taking it further: The full circle

But it’s not enough to just be sourcing from a sustainable supplier, I believe it’s important to also be aware of the full circle of all my stock.

How does it travel to the shop? How are we cooking it? And how are we disposing of any waste afterwards?

All of these decisions have an impact on the planet and by looking into alternative, greener options, we could all really make a difference.


Why is food sustainability important for me?

There are many benefits in choosing sustainable food, but my top four are:

1 – You’re helping to protect the planet by supporting responsible, sustainable suppliers

2 – Customers will respect and help promote your ethos

3 – You’ll be noticed within the industry for choosing ethical produce

4 – You’ll have peace of mind with the traceability and due diligence that comes with sustainability


To find out more about the importance of responsible fishing and choosing sustainable food for your fish and chip shop, the MSC website has lots of useful resources and info.

About Calum

At the helm of The Bay is Chef Director Calum Richardson, who works hard to raise awareness on the importance of sustainability in the UK and beyond. As an MSC quality assessor, judge for the NFFF awards and training director at the Scottish Seafood Training Association, Calum is dedicated to raising the profile of the whole fish and chip industry.