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All our fish are caught in the North Sea from stocks which are fully sustainable according to the Marine Conservation Society. We were the first fish and chip shop in the UK to gain Marine Stewardship Council Chain of Custody to sell Scottish North Sea haddock on our menu.

Our specials board always shows the Catch of the Day, where we choose the freshest in-season fish straight from the market that morning. All our fish are caught in the wild, but sometimes might be marked with (F) to let you know they’re from sustainable farmed sources. As more fish become certified by the MSC we’ll start including them on our menu too.

Local and sustainable fish is at the heart of everything we do. It’s all about being responsible. By serving MSC fish and following MSC guidelines we’re doing what we can to spread our message – that sustainably sourced fish is the only way forward.

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We use two main varieties of potatoes at The Bay; Maris Piper and Markies, both sourced from the finest local seed and grown in the potato-friendly soil of Cambridgeshire. This helps us to serve up our famous Bay chips year in, year out, with the same delicious results.

We only ever cook using high oleic sunflower oil – the best of the best when it comes to oil. It’s not only low in saturated fat, but it contains no nasty additives either – perfect for us!

 We also use a thicker cut chip to help reduce the amount of oil absorbed.

We think all this makes a tastier chip, and hope you do too. All you need to do is add a touch of salt and vinegar.

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We’re putting sustainable, locally-sourced fish and chips at the top of our menu. Our aim is to serve you environmentally friendly food, right from the sea to your fork.


We’re incredibly proud to say that we won Best New Foodservice Product at the prestigious North East Scotland Food & Drink Awards for our bespoke The Bay Fishcakes.

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Our MSC Chain of Custody number is MSC-C-53712 which ensures all our haddock are caught from sustainable, traceable sources.

Our fish supplier, Coupers Seafoods, has full MSC certification, and all our fish are sourced according to the MSC guide, to make sure we only serve sustainable, in-season fish on our menu.

Our potatoes are sourced locally from The Real Fresh Chip Co.

We like to showcase the best local produce so we source all our ingredients close to home. There’s no better feeling than knowing you’re serving up food that’s grown and produced right on your doorstep.

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Ever wanted to take home a taste of The Bay? With our award-winning, bespoke batter you can enjoy our great-tasting flavour anytime you like, wherever you fancy.

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The beautiful view from our shop reminds us why we care so much about our local environment. From the renewable energy powering our lightbulbs to the fish we fry in our high-efficiency range and the paint on our walls, we’re proud to say we’re carbon neutral and working hard to stay that way.

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