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June 10, 2022

Featured in The Herald as one of Scotland’s best loved foods.

We’re delighted to have been featured in The Herald’s ’20 things we love about Scotland’s food and drink’ article last month. 

The competition to stand out in the Scottish food industry is tough, with so much talent and choice throughout the country. It’s no secret that The Bay has established a name for itself having been awarded the best fish and chips in Scotland title and working hard to maintain high quality standards at all times. 

Here at the Bay we’re dedicated to what we do, from our sustainability credentials, the way we adapted to the pandemic and appreciating Stonehaven. 

Here are the ways in which we strive to be the best in Scotland in a snapshot.  

1. One of the best fish and chip shops in Scotland

Being known as one of the best fish and chip shops in Scotland is a great honour and one that we have worked hard to achieve, but there’s not one magic thing that gets you to this status as Calum says: 

“I think it’s everything put together in the right way. One thing that we have though, is that although I’m standing there, I can tell people exactly where the fish has been caught – the fisherman will sometimes send me a picture from the boat!” 

2. Part of the Sustainable Restaurant Association

We’ve always been loud and proud about our passion towards sustainability and being eco-friendly. In 2012, we joined the Sustainable Restaurant Association, and since doing so we’ve learned so much about making a restaurant sustainable, the various avenues you can take and how to maintain and adapt this over time. 

Ensuring that you have the best fish and chips in Scotland, also means you have to focus on ways to better brand. Meeting restaurant owners that have the same eco-goals as us, inspires you to work towards these goals in order to do your bit for the planet. 


3. Embracing click and collect during the pandemic

Just before the pandemic hit, we took out our old kitchen and replaced it with a click and collect window and what perfect timing that turned out to be! 

Undoubtedly, the pandemic changed the way we operated and by offering online click and collect whilst our shop was closed, it meant we were still able to remain in our customers hearts and provide them food safely, even through a pandemic. 


4. Stonehaven becoming a greater tourist destination

Stonehaven was originally a busy and lively place, until people began moving away. 

However, over the years the town has started to gain back a lot of attraction again, especially with tourists. The Bay shop always had a healthy amount of tourists coming to visit after their stroll along the beach and the open air pool where the shop resides. 

Over the last few years increased tourist attraction to Stonehaven, the castle and The Bay’s fish and chips has helped us become one of the best fish and chip shops in Scotland, with tourists spreading the word and The Bay locals always coming back for more. 


5. The Bay awards – Award winning fish and chips and helping local charities

The Bay has been awarded various titles over the years, celebrating one of the best fish and chip shops in Scotland. 

The Bay’s fame has attracted other famous faces to us, from the Outlander cast getting involved to help us raise money through a whisky auction to us being able to donate to local charities every month as people get behind our campaigns and trust our brand. 

The Bay has been extremely successful in standing out amongst Scotland’s bustling food industry, as one of the best fish and chip places in Scotland. With awards being won, adapting to the pandemic using click and collect, a devotion to sustainability and Stonehaven drawing more and more tourists to its destination. 


You can read The Herald’s article on The Bay becoming the one of the best fish and chip shops in Scotland in full, here. 

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