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Why Investing In Thorough Food Service Employee Training Benefits Everyone

Posted by Calum Richardson in Calum, Family, Fitness

September 29, 2020

Over the years, we’ve taken on a lot of new recruits at The Bay Fish and Chips.

For many of our team this job is a stopgap before they head off to university or travelling.

But that doesn’t mean we don’t bother spending the time and effort with food service employee training to ensure new recruits are properly trained and comfortable in their position.


Take the time and reap the rewards

I believe that each and every team member should be made to feel worthwhile and comfortable enough for their strengths to shine through.

For a lot of our workers this is their first ever job, and so it can be a daunting experience serving customers or handling the tills.

We provide thorough food service employee training for newbies and this continues throughout the years they stay with us. We like to promote from within and encourage team members to try new positions.

I say it a lot, but teamwork makes the dream work. If my team is feeling confident in what they’re doing in my shop, then we’ll be able to get more orders out to the award-winning standard customers expect from The Bay.


Hiring during a crisis

During national lockdown, a few members of our team were preparing to leave to head off to study and we needed to recruit new staff.

Unlike under normal circumstances where I’d ask people to visit me in the shop, we had to conduct more than 40 interviews over video calls.

What should have been a difficult process turned out to be more rewarding. As recruits were in their own home environment, they were more relaxed and open to having a good conversation.

We were able to get a real feel for what they were like and if they would make a good fit for The Bay.


My 3 top tips for food service employee training

1 – Get a feel for their experience and personality and place people in a position they feel comfortable in to begin with.

2 – Provide thorough training and guidance, but accept that not everyone will do things the same way as you.

3 – Encourage and explain if things go wrong, and look to keep talent in your team by promoting from within.

You’ll get the best out of people if they feel happy and comfortable. If you need a hand with any food service employee training or fancy a chat, drop me a message on my Twitter or Instagram.

About Calum

At the helm of The Bay is Chef Director Calum Richardson, who works hard to raise awareness on the importance of sustainability in the UK and beyond. As an MSC quality assessor, judge for the NFFF awards and training director at the Scottish Seafood Training Association, Calum is dedicated to raising the profile of the whole fish and chip industry.