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The environment is a something that we at The Bay take very seriously all you have to do is look at the view from the shop and the answer is there in front of you;
  • All our packaging is compostable 
  • We use Enjo chemical free cleaning system making the shop environmently friendly and aqua friendly
  • We source all our fish from sustainable sources
  • We have no neon signs in the shop
  • We cook with a keremko high efficiency frying range with the latest technology
  • All our waste oil is accounted for and uplifted by our supplier and turned into bio fuel
  • We try reducing our food miles by buying from local suppliers
  • We try to encourage staff to use the government's bike 2 work scheme
  • Our shop is painted with environmentally friendly paint
  • We recycle all our food waste with Keenan, turning it all into compost
  • We recycle all our non food waste with EIS waste to reduce land fill
  • All our energy is from renewable soarce from good energy
  • We believe in ethical soercing and use Fairtrade where possible 
  • We moniter our water , gas and electricty to reduce our carbon footprint

    Best Independent Takeaway
    & Finalist in
    Good Catch Award 

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